XCape Con Recap

The XCape Con was my first convention in over three years (since the release of the LC4 comic at the May Motor City Comic Con, 2005) and though it was a slow weekend for all the guests I felt like it was a success for me, personally.

In the past I was too hung up on how I did sales-wise, and that always led to a certain degree of anxiety, usually exacerbated by the multitude of challenges I was facing in the rest of my life. Now I’ve got a much stronger presentation and am focused on connecting with people and having a good time. I also am getting a better sense of how to approach the people who are strolling by and inviting them in; fortunately I have some new friends who excel at that— Jay Jacot and Ryan Claytor —who I was lucky to be set up next to, and pick up some of their practices.

Xcape Con Setup
Xcape Con Setup

Overall, I met a lot of great folks, made some valuable professional contacts and did better in sales than I’ve done at previous conventions—which I chalk up to having a better outlook as well as better product.

My thanks to everyone who stopped by and grabbed something—it was a pleasure meeting each of you…and thank you everyone who offered some form of advice or info—I appreciate every bit of it and will be doing my best to make use of it here in the weeks and months ahead.

I’m looking forward to the next con already!

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2 Replies to “XCape Con Recap”

  1. Eric,

    I’m glad we could get together and grab a pre-con meal. My apologies for heading out and not finding you. You must have been networking up a storm while Jay and I were packing up my beast to head back Lansing way. Nevertheless, it was great seeing you and I look forward to our next go-round.

    Take care,

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