Welcome to Archetypal Images, home to the creations of Eric Wilmoth—aka E!

Here you’ll find comics, essays, radio broadcasts, flicker media and more—all born from a yearning to help see the world move in a more holistic and healthy direction. It gets a little metaphysical in here, just as a heads up!

Eric Wilmoth, Comic Artist & Metaphysicist

As a young human, Eric noticed that mankind was on course for what seemed to him to be unprecedented change in the not-too-distant future. He saw great potentials…but also grave concerns.

As he pondered these impressions and humanity’s potential futures, he was also striving to figure out what his place in it might be. Eventually, after much soul-searching, Eric discovered his voice through art and storytelling of a deeply philosophical and mystical nature.

Of course, that was only half the battle…for the path of a wandering, often misunderstood philosopher-artist is not exactly all that easy…especially when one eschews many of society’s conditioned expectations! What ensued were several years of prolific creation…followed by several more years of major setbacks, confusion and a long series of difficult lessons.

It took about a decade for this rough road to play out before a clearing would open-up. In that time, many hard-won wisdoms were earned. Certain creations lay dormant…though others flourished. All the while, the embers of profound purpose still glowed within E!…but the struggle was real.

At any rate, this guy never gave up his dreams…thus, after much tenacity, determination and a fair bit of luck, he was finally freed from his restraints…poised to produce the best work of his life.

Eric’s aim is to tap into universal, archetypal principles at the heart of who and what we are…

…in an effort to shed light on them, to better understand them and to share them with others, in the hopes that it will contribute to a brighter future.

In a world that can often seem dark, foreboding and confusing, E! aims to follow in the footsteps of all those who’ve been inspired to make the world a better place…to never give up…and to pour his heart and soul into creating work which will (hopefully!) inspire others to do the same.

If, like him, you’re a True Believerthen boy are we glad you’re here!
We hope you’ll find the sights and sounds in this corner of the Fractalverse to your liking.

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