Wyrd Friends!

Satchel Jones
One of my many brothers-in-E! Let his music carry you away!!

Marshall White And The Regiment, Belt, Satchel Jones, Male

Alchemical Imagery
The digital art of one of my best friends (who’s also co-host of The SuperMAD! Mxyz), Matt Preuss! His heart is aimed at healing the many wounds of this world, which is what inspires all of his creative endeavors. He’s got some beautiful work, folks—please check it out!

Awakening Comics!
Website of comic creator, Steve Peters. Steve’s work caught my attention years ago, as it was clear he was inspired to address a lot of the same multidimensional, existential mysteries which have driven me. Steve is also the creator of Sparky, who has now woven his way through my work per Steve’s blessing. CHECK IT OUT!

Melissa’s Musings
A long-time, close friend, Melissa Timm-Cook is the realest of deals. Besides sharing the airwaves with me on occasion, she’s building a platform that is aiming to transform the conversations around astrology, mediumship, divination and a spectrum of reading and channeling methods. She’s breaking molds, people…take note!

MPH Noise Radio
My brother, Eric, “Doormouse” Peltier is the Master of Metal over at KAOS Radio Austin, and the whole reason The SuperMAD! Mxyz is playin’ over there! His show, MPH Noise Radio is two hours of intellectually driven, musical mayhem, every Sunday night. If your looking for something off the beaten path, this is it!

Audio Show For The Few
This mofo and I go way back. Many know him as Danger Mouse…He’s the original metal-head in my life and the only reason Doormouse and I know each other. You may have heard his work way back in the day on Thee Hourz-O-Power on IMPACT radio, 89 FM out of East Lansing, MI – MSU campus radio. Lately, he’s been bringin’ his pipes back to the airwaves, for the few who will listen. I share his work, here, with you…on the off-chance that it’ll help spread the gospel of the Reverend Leather Daddy himself, the one and only…Darrin K. Fieber!

So many more are poised for listing…and a listing we will make!