Thanksgiving Season

Happy Thanksgiving Season!

I hope everyone was able to spend some quality time with friends and family this week and to truly take stock of all we have to be grateful for. Every day our world appears to be throwing larger and more ominous challenges at us, which is all the more reason to keep sight of our blessings and to do our best to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Myself, I’m grateful to have a loving, supportive family who’re willing to help me out as I work on establishing myself as a professional comic creator, and to meet so many fine individuals expressing their confidence and enthusiasm with my work.

Even drawn to be Mr. Optimistic—as I am—I find it difficult at times to sense what it is I’m being called to do…and I’m sure there’ve been moments when I’ve missed the guidance I was being given. Still, I use that awareness to listen that much harder and hopefully learn how to ‘hear’ that guidance better the next time it is given.

Case in point, last month I paid closer attention and was given the opportunity to help someone when they needed it. I met a homeless man who was down on his luck… who had made some bad choices…and who needed a meal. The bars were closing and it was about the time the weather was getting chill, and I thought about just giving the guy a few bucks and hoping he’d spend it responsibly…but I thought of all the times I’d seen an example of someone taking their precious time to buy someone in this situation a meal…and I knew that I was being called to do just that.

I spent several hours with this man who needed some food…needed some company…and needed a place to rest. I bought him a meal that meant so much more to him than those few dollars meant to me…and we shared a bit of ourselves with each other. About five am I drove him from the diner we stopped at to a place he knew he could lay his head, and passed him a few more dollars…emphasizing that I was doing it on the faith that he’d spend it on food.

I was glad to have met him, and I knew the feeling was mutual.

So often the difference between a situation like his being a situation like mine is little more than circumstance…and getting to know him—even for a few moments—is a reminder not only to appreciate the blessings I’ve been given, but to be there for those who need it…for there are going to be times when I need the help of others, and I can only hope that someone will be there to show me compassion and help me when I need it most.

Please, think of those you have the power to help during this most challenging time of the year (in this hemisphere), and be willing to lend what help you can afford…

…it will be sure to return to you when you need it.

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4 Replies to “Thanksgiving Season”

  1. Your musings and actions are just what the world needs now… people who care. And you are so correct that it is gratefulness and gratitude that bring ever more abundance into our lives.
    It is difficult to measure the impact we may have on another persons life, and much of the time, we won’t know. But we can be sure that just making “the connection” does have an impact. Because, as some sages believe, perhaps we are really all connected in ways we cannot yet understand. Keep sharing your wisdom, E.

    • Thanks, darlin–I appreciate the encouragement. I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving and that maybe I can synch up with you all for a bit when Eric is home later this month for the holidays.

      Be well!

  2. Hi Eric: I saw your blog site through Kevin’s beer blog and read your wonderful story on helping the homeless man. Congratulations to you for doing what is right – helping in a way that will teach all that thre are good people out there. I also saw your sisters sites – what beautiful women. Congrats also on your comic strip – looks interesting 🙂 Hello to the family

    • Thanks Mrs. L! Nice to hear from you.
      It’s not always easy to be as generous as i was with that man that night. I wish I could do more…I’m sure we all do…but as long as we keep our hearts, minds and spirits open we’ll know when we’re being given such opportunities for action.

      I will pass along your greetings to the family–if you’re keeping an eye on this thread, please pass along a ‘happy holiday’s’ to the rest of your family for me.

      All the best,


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