Sanders For President!


Sanders 4 Prez ~ 2016 (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator)


This image has been in my mind for a while, though with my schedule it’s been tricky to whip it out…

…but it’s finally here!

If there’s ever been a supporter of Bernie for President…it’s Sanders!

The primaries are fast upon us, so I’m grateful to be getting this out in front of all that…and will be getting this image up on merchandising sites asap, to help raise funds for Bernie’s campaign.

BTW, credit and thanks for the Bernie hair & glasses design goes to Tommy Fox, over at, who’s made it available for such purposes–it’s a great image!

If you are #feelingthebern, then please share this and keep your eyes pealed for a chance to show your support by getting an item with this image on it. With any luck, Bernie will be our next Commander in Chief, and we’ll all see some serious effort for holistic, social reform in this country.

Also, for those of you who know ‘my’ Sanders, you may realize the old comics are not currently on this site–a deficit that I will be balancing in the coming weeks…

…by this spring I hope to have all my missing material up on the site (stuff I never got around to migrating over when I moved to wordpress)…with new, personal material to follow.

So, buckle up, folks–this ride is just warming up!



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