A Fresh Start…Yet Again…

Well, folks…this Spring pretty much tore me a new one.

Super-Duper Love - Broken

First I found some super-duper Love…then promptly lost it.

Meanwhile, numerous friends were wrestling with significant health issues…

…and sadly, one passed on.

Beyond that, there was just a general cluster-phuque of other challenges for myself and my loved ones…

 …all of which threw me off-course these last few months.

Stitched Up Heart ~ 2016 (Adobe Photoshop)


So, I’ve been hard at work patching myself up…

…making some upgrades along the way…
…and am just ’bout ready to share some new work with ya’.

First, though, I want to let you know that the site is mobile-friendly, now, so if you access it via your phone or tablet it’ll be a lot easier to read.

Anywho, I’ll be in touch with ‘yall again any day now.

Hope you had a good holiday weekend!


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