Pathways Through Pain – Book Cover Design

I recently finished this design for a regular client (and prior sponsor), pain therapist Dr. John Jerome. One of John’s specialties is treating patients experiencing chronic pain by guiding them through methods of alleviating that pain…eventually allowing them to manage it, free of—or with minimal—pain medication.

John is part of a growing movement aimed at revealing to patients that much of the pain they experience grows out of psychosomatically reinforced experiences…and is something that can be healed through a well designed regiment of therapy…rather than simply dulling it with drugs.

Since much of the intent with my own work—long dormant, though it may be—is built on a very similar theme, John and I have a strong appreciation for one another and our mutual work, and I am eternally grateful for his confidence and support of my efforts, up-to-and-including his ongoing solicitation of my design services for his practice.

Above is a photo of the book itself. You may notice there’s a slight difference between the two images; the main graphic at-top is the most recent version—updated for a second printing—which will hit the presses soon.

This project has gone through numerous iterations; an earlier version of this graphic appeared on a pain therapy audio disk John was distributing to his clients…and before that we had an altogether different graphic design for the first incarnation of that audio disk, both of which you can find in the Product Packaging & Print Media portion of my portfolio.

I’m currently working on a new design for John which depicts the cycle of pain that’s perpetuated by various, manageable conditions…and will be sharing that with you all as soon as it’s complete!

As an added treat, here’s a recent NPR audio clip from a report about this very subject:

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Sorry…the NPR code doesn’t appear to work in Internet Explorer…
…I highly recommend trying Chrome or Firefox.

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