Major Milestone: Updating The A.I. Website’s Comments Features

Greetings, world–

I’ve been hard at work updating the comments features to the site this last week, in anticipation of sharing a slew of new work with you. It’s required a lot of testing to make sure everything works as intended, and as of this afternoon, thanks to the help of the developers of my website theme (Comicpress) and the designer behind a very powerful comments plugin–Wordbooker–I’ve finally cracked the code!

Now, technically, this post here serves as what I hope will be my final test of the system, running on a fresh setup…so, as long as I don’t run into any surprises, the next post will be of new artwork, and should be up here shortly.

My apologies to anyone who may have tried following various links or notifications from me through facebook this last week…as many of them simply lead to dead ends…because as I would complete a test, I would then delete it or make it private, so as to not clutter up the website with junk posts. With the lessons learned from this exercise, I’ll be able to keep all that hidden in the future, so you should hopefully never seen such dead ends again. Thank you all for your patience!

So, I’ll run a few quick tests on this post…

…with fingers crossed that I haven’t missed any stray settings…

…and if all goes well…

…I’ll have some new art for you in about an hour!


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