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Welcome! If you’ve come here after seeing The Farmington Players’ production of Annie and are in need of a design, please see the commissions page–I”ll be glad to hook you up!

If you’ve never been here before and want to get a sense of my work, my portfolio is a great place to start…plus you can check out the Sponsorship Special Comic–as seen on the right–which will explain a bit of what goes on here.

Incidentally, I”m in the process of completely revamping the site–and have a variety of other comics that aren’t presently linked here–so for now, just let your intuition guide you, and I’ll be back soon to give you more artwork and stories to engage with!

Do you Dig it? If so, please make a contribution. Archetypal Images relies on your $upport to keep up the good work!

Jump on in--I'd love to hear what you think!