Forces of unbidden proportions have obscured my vision(s). Countless light-years of potential(s) have evaporated into imaginary what-ifs and could-have-beens…

…until I find my being…sifting through the remains of one phoenix…knowing that within moments a new firebird will emerge. This is the cosmic tale of birth, death, rebirth that brings me back around to these here parts, to once again regale you with tales of joy and woe…with the hope that this-here be the time we manage to stay in touch, till true-death do us part.

Tattoo, rough design

At this wavelength of perceived space-time the myriad aspects of my being are striving to gracefully manifest for you a new narrative—replete with archetypal images—intent on titillating your imaginations…fornicating with them, even…in the hopes of cross-pollinating our collective potentials, for the sake of incubating a resilient awareness that will be birthed anew in the coming months and years; an awareness of egoless (or damn near) siblinghood…of whole-istic well-being for one (which is all).

So, kiddies, get ready for a new ride…and be ready to get out to help and push, as need be…lest we all be stranded in ever-ever-land with nowhere to go.

Your humble servant and esteemed guest,

Dr. you-know-who…

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