Whew! Saturday was quite a whirlwind. I had a million last-minute preparations setting up the show—which led to a slightly-delayed start—but with the aid of my mother and some dear friends we managed to pull off a pretty decent presentation which culminated in a several-hour long celebration with a good crowd who came out to show their support.

Banner moment

To all of you who were able to attend, I cannot thank you enough. Special thanks must go out to my Aunt Joann and her family for traveling five hours one-way, as well as Jessica, Jeff, Elliot & Mari—and especially my parents—for their assistance in helping me prepare for, set up and manage the event.

Setting up

I’d been running off very little sleep through the last week and foolishly left planning my presentation speech to the last minute, so my apologies for any long-winded ramblings. Though public speaking may not be my strong suit I have had my share of past speaking experiences, so I know I could have spent half as much time talking and still have had room to touch on several more vital thoughts that my sleep deprived brain failed to recall. I should be getting the video from Jeff sometime this week and I’m already cringing at reliving the experience.

Jeff, my illustrious filmographer

Fortunately most everyone there was already familiar with my particular brand of madness, so it probably went relatively unnoticed…or seemed to be easily forgiven, at the very least. After a nice round of applause I kicked into gear with exchanging books, stickers and art prints for donations and did pretty well—but like I stated at the party, it’s not about the money as much as it is about the means to convey the message.

Sponsorship Special

From here my next step is a book signing next week in Howell, along with getting the book out to local comic shops and setting up some more book signings. I’ll also be sending a stack of them out to a list of VIP’s who I think the book will resonate with and who will make great industry contacts, if nothing else.

At home at work

Beyond that…well, it’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be attending SCAD this spring, and in the meantime I’ll be prepping my portfolio for that, looking for some freelance work and hyping this Sponsorship Proposal every which way I can think of.

My loyal subjects! I kid, I kid...

Again, my extreme gratitude goes out to everyone who picked up a book, especially those of you who gave above and beyond to help me afford more time to keep working on this dream. Times are tough all around, so your gift says a lot about your spirit and your faith in me—I swear to put it to good use.

My best to you all,



P.S. – as lame as this is, in all the hullaballoo of the party I failed to keep track of who donated what amounts the other night—except for those of you who donated by check. If you gifted above and beyond the book and any prints you may have picked up, please send me a quick email reminding me what you gave so I may give you the proper thanks you deserve.

The proud father
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3 Replies to “POST PARTY RECAP”

  1. Im so proud of you brother!!!!!!! I wish I could have been there but it looks like it went super-d-duper well! Keep me posted on SCAD and other whatnots….


  2. I’m all kinds of proud of you Eric!!!

    Following your example to just get it out there and DO IT, is a awesome way to help people achieve their own dreams!
    Thanks for getting it out there man!

    Keep up the GREAT work!


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