Well, Spring is finally upon us…and what better time to rise from the ashes.

The last meaningful announcement I posted was a year-and-a-half ago…during one of the most challenging and heartbreaking times of my life…a story you can read about here, if you like. The fallout of that time—and the entire year-and-a-half leading up to it—essentially eroded my capacity to produce anything related to the core of what Archetypal Images is about…which is why it’s been nearly three years since I’ve produced any significant artwork.

The point is that since then I’ve had a lot of soul-searching and recuperating to do…seeking a way to manifest my heart’s desires…which at the very least involves Imagineering the stories that are living inside me—and making a living doing so.

In October 2007 I finally settled on a course of Action…
…which has led to the newest installment of my work, the Archetypal Images Sponsorship Special!The Archetypal Images Sponsorship Special!

This twenty-page book—cover-to-cover—represents four solid months of intense, passionate labor…designed to present to the world a sense of who I am, deeper than has ever been known outside my closest friends and family. It deliberately doubles as a request for sponsorship from anyone and everyone who identifies with my vision/mission.

While this book is currently only available in digital form my intention is to have a modest quantity printed so as to make them available for potential sponsors. Once printing costs have been determined I will make an announcement so that anyone wishing to obtain a copy may do so.

The last month has been spent incorporating several new aspects into the A.I. website in an effort to maintain better contact with you—my audience—so as to ensure the best possible response to this new book. This blog is the most obvious addition, but also new to the mix is a professional list management system that is now responsible for maintaining up-to-date records of the A.I. mailing list and allowing for instant subscribe/unsubscribe options that the site did not have before. There are many other features to both this blog and the list management system that I will strive to employ in the months ahead to maximize their potential for delivering you regular, relevant updates.

Additionally, the entire A.I. website is in need of a complete overhaul, which is high on my list of priorities for revamping A.I. and turning it into a creative, stimulating powerhouse. My goal for this new year of 2008 is nothing short of developing A.I. into a phenomenon—a beacon of Artistic Revolution that is going non-stop, 24-7 (metaphorically, if not literally), cranking out captivating product like never before, inspiring dreamers the world over.

Sounds ambitious, I know, but I say dream big first…and deal with what’s dealt you as it is dealt.

The bottom line
I’ll be frank—the measure of my success is largely in your hands. What I aim to do demands incredible amounts of constant attention and laborious volumes of sincerely devoted energy…and until I have a volume of work and merchandise bringing revenue in the door my ability to muster this colossal quantity of creativity rests on the generosity of those of you eager to see more.

I would prefer to not have to ask for such support, but given the stakes I will swallow my pride and humbly seek the kindhearted charity of others…offering in exchange my modest creations for the world at large until the day arrives that I may reasonably survive off their revenue alone.

My thanks and blessings to you,


It is worthy of note that—besides re-launching A.I. with this new proposal comic—I am currently back in school, wrapping up my sequential art degree through Lansing Community College. For those of you that remember the LC4 comics group LC4 comicand the comic we created in 2005, that group is long since dissolved…and the degree nearly nonexistent. I, on the other hand, am more alive and kicking than ever.

Thanks to working the charm and jumping through some hoops I managed to whittle down what were six remaining courses into only two, making it feasible for me to graduate by the end of this semester.

This will undoubtedly be a relief to all those caring individuals in my life who put great stock in having a degree, though my reasons for completing it probably have little to do with what theirs would be for wishing that I’d do so. Regardless, in two more months I’ll be a bona fide degree wielder…

…so watch out world—’cause now I’m certified!

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