The Origin Of SPARKY, Remastered!

This mandala-comic is a key, alchemical piece behind all of my work. It happens to be the first artwork I had published, back in 2001, and was inspired (in-part) by a challenge put forth by SPARKY’s chief handler, Steve Peters. Truth be-told, it has influenced everything I’ve created since.

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The artwork is by yours truly, though vital to state that
SPARKY is © Steve Peters! YO!
Steve’s the man–you should check out his work!

With Steve’s blessing, SPARKY is allowed to make cameos in my creations. As such, he’s now sufficiently entwined in the mythos of my comic art, forevermore. Of course, there’s more to that story…

To Be Continued!

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Poster of The Origin Of SPARKY!

Coming Soon!

I’ve redone the text for this crazy thing on the computer to make it easier to read…not to mention, it needed updating in other ways. For now, though, the store is being built! If you’re interested in getting a poster or other gear, contact me below, and I’ll make sure you get notified once it’s all up and runnin! Aiming for early Summer!


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