Pencils for Critical Mass, page 1 – my new web comic

Critical-Mass Comic---Page-1bHere’s the first page of the new webcomic I’m working on. A couple posts back I shared page four of this project; did that for a couple reasons, but now I’m realizing it’d be better to just start from the beginning.

This is simply the pencils, so before the final draft is posted it’ll be inked and colored/shaded in photoshop, which may take me a little while yet, given my current pace.

I have one favor to ask—if you like what you see and happen to be on facebook, you can vote for this project so that I might receive a grant to work on it and my other projects (to be announced) full time. Simply follow this link to vote. Thanks!

Do you Dig it? If so, please make a contribution. Archetypal Images relies on your $upport to keep up the good work!

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