Eric Wilmoth, Comic Artist & MetaphysicistA pan-dimensional, shamanic über-being (in training!), the pattern recognized as Eric Wilmoth explores the fractaline aperture of consciousness in its endlessly manifesting forms…serving—best he can—as a harbinger of positive change in these strange and wonderful times we live in. His secret identity as a mild-mannered crafter of comics is but a guise for the moment…while the wheel of time readies itself for revelations of cosmic proportions…

In the meantime, any artwork or musings one might perceive as being produced by this male hominid are but a series of impermanent, transitory manifestations intent on raising collective consciousness to an awareness of eternal, evolutionary enlightenment…such that a true holistic brotherhood amongst all beings may be known and that collective and individual suffering may be significantly diminished.

The current base of operations for this particular Mr. E! is the humble, Big-10 burg known as Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Earth, in the system of SOL, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe #37. From here he is diligently re-creational, producing free, online comics for your pleasure and inspiration. This website—Archetypal Images—serves as the publishing/distribution platform for these various, sequential visions, as well as a conduit through which others may seek his freelance design services.

Should you wish to know more about this creature or his duties—or to commission his services for some custom artwork—please feel free to contact him. He’d really love it. Seriously.

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