New Comic Art: Pencils for Critical Mass, Pg 2

Ok, here’s the pencils for the 2nd page of the new comic I’m working on (please click to enlarge). Depending on how well you know me you may recognize the character being introduced in this page—Solar Powered Man (SPM).

If you read the Sponsorship Special comic then you might recall having seen a glimpse of this luminous being betwixt its pages. Actually, this fellow has been simmering behind the scenes since I started venturing down this perennial path, more than ten years ago.

I’d originally intended to introduce SPM in a different volume of work long before now, but life has it’s ways of taking us down roads we never imagined, so this will now be his main debut. As such, it is also worth mentioning that this new comic is intended to pull together the various loose threads I’ve introduced over the last decade, so keep a close eye in the following weeks as we ramp up towards the proper christening of this new comic.


P.S. – I have one favor to ask—if you like what you see and happen to be on facebook, you can vote for this project so that I might receive a grant to work on it and my other projects (to be announced) full time. Simply follow this link to vote. Thanks!

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