The Tin Man’s Dilemma

Today I awaken from a deep sleep…

Cobwebs disintegrate before my eyes, and I begin to understand something fundamental…more coherently than ever before…understanding it with experiential awareness that transcends all intellectual musings and theories…

Tattoo, inverted

The doors of expression are blown wide open, no longer hinging on the need to fit some predesigned mold; such limits are just that—limiting.

Liberated from these mind traps, movement ensues…creaky at first…in need of more of that magical tin-man oil…the crazy stuff that will grease the wheels as I embark on a journey of  as-yet untold proportions, in search of my true heart and voice. So here I soar, lubing up, moving pieces that have lain dormant for so long they feel as if born perhaps for the first time.


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