Motor City Comic Con 09’ recap

First off, the convention was amazing. It was the most successful event I’ve had to date (other than my book release party last September), and a total blast.

Chatting with con goers

What really made it rock was that I met so many people who were on the same wavelength—folks who immediately picked up on the references in the art and identified with the message and/or approach I’m taking to make my dream of a better world come to life. There were also a lot of people who were gung-ho about supporting local artists, which really helped. I want to send out a big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who stopped by and picked something up—you really made my weekend!

Poster Power!

Pretty much all the artists I spoke with met with similar success, which I was glad to hear. It was ironic that despite the challenging economic times we live in, this seemed to be the best Motor City Comic Con in the last few years, as if people were searching for a good reason to enjoy themselves amidst the struggles we’re all facing. Whatever the cause, though, everyone I spoke with was having a great time and really living it up.

I also want to send out a big thanks to my parents who contributed to the growing cost of having a table at the convention, and an extra special thanks to RYAN CLAYTOR and JAY JAYCOT and JONATHON GORDON—these, my fellow comic comrades from Lansing (and table neighbors during the the convention), made a special, out-of-their-way-trip Saturday night to grab extra copies of my books which were on consignment at comic shops in Lansing, because I was doing so well at the show that by the end of Saturday I was down to only three books! Their side-trip made it possible for me to return to the show on Sunday with enough stock to last the rest of the show. Thanks guys!

Ryan Claytor, Infamous Photo Infiltrator

Incidentally, my goal was to sell all my remaining books at this show—though I had no idea what to expect, initially—and by Sunday’s end I had only two books left! ROCK! Now I’ve got to order more books, and boy is that a good feeling!

Lastly, I also want to thank my buddies Elliot and Jeremy who were kind enough to help me out at my table over the weekend, making it possible for me to get away for a bit and see some of the other amazing artists at the show. It’s good to be busy at these things, but it makes it that much more difficult to see what else is going on and really network with people. Because of my buds I was able to do that—THANKS, GUYS!

That pretty much says it all for the MCCC.

The next show coming up is in Chelsea, MI on the 12-13th of June: Kids Read Comics!

Check it out if you can!


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  1. Eric,
    It was the best show I’ve seen in ten years. I was delighted to see you guys get the enthusiastic support you deserve. Keep up the good work!

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