Bless you, fare readers, for daring to venture this deep into my adventures in comic crafting. Many sacrifices—both great and small—have been made these past couple months, in the ongoing effort to elevate myself to a master artisan, sustaining myself through manifesting my dreams…


…and it is here where I will reward you with regaling recitals of these timeless events.


Most notably, it was little over a month ago that my lease in Lansing expired, leaving me homeless.


(dramatic pause, while you all sympathize with me)


But fear not! For gratefully, I am blessed with some generous friends and family, all offering to let me surf on their sofas while I determine what to do for a more permanent dwelling. For now I have set up camp at the rents’, since that offers me the greatest flexibility—not to mention, being fed in exchange for chores.


(Of course, it is worth noting that some chores are far more insidious than others…a topic I may indulge in at a later time.)

There are numerous pros and cons to being here at the old homestead. For anyone who saw the awesome studio space I had at home in Lansing, much of what I had to work with has been temporarily amputated and placed in storage, making it far more difficult to accomplish my daily duties. Still, whereas before I was stuck toiling away underground in a windowless basement for days on end—where I couldn’t even tell if it was day or night without looking at a clock—now I’m out in the fresh, country air, listening to birds chirp, frogs belch and humming birds whizzing by; I’ve got the warmth of sunlight on my face, or—alternatively—the lovely overcast and hopefully stormy skies to keep me company.


All in all it’s not too bad…but the sooner I can get a steady income and can get back out on my own, the better.


So what am I doing to make that a reality (besides seeking the generosity of sponsors)? Glad you asked.


Though it’s been delayed a bit thanks to busily planning the book release party and dealing with a predictably loaded summertime schedule, one of my primary goals for making some moolah is as a freelance writer/illustrator. There are a lot of different avenues to go with the skills I have—the challenge is in choosing the paths wisely, aiming for outlets that will complement the direction I want to move in as a whole.


Step one is submitting some articles and illustrations to certain metaphysical/spiritual journals I’ve had my eye on. Once I’ve got a couple of those out the door I want to see about submitting some humor pieces to MAD Magazine and the like. With my storyboarding skills I should be able to track down work of that sort as well, and beyond that I’m thinking I shouldn’t have too much trouble nabbing more freelance illustrating and writing if I look hard enough.


Again, the trick is sticking as close as I can to producing work that carries my personal messages with it as much as possible…which is why my last resort is getting a regular 9-5 gig with some other enterprise. Still, with the right job, even that might not be so bad, but I’m holding out on that—short of a cue that it’s absolutely necessary.


Amongst all of this I’ve also been going back and forth with the debate about whether or not to continue my education…but this subject is so convoluted that I’ll resist getting into it now and spare you those ponderings until another day.


For now, true believer, know that your friendly neighborhood Mr. E! is healthy and whole, communing with the spirits and working his way towards a brighter horizon. Be well, be true and be excellent to each other.


Peace out!



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