“Whatever Happened to the Man of A.I?”

Superman #423For those of you out of the loop, the title of this post is an homage to the ‘Historic Last Issue’ of Superman, #423 (and Action Comics #583) from September 1986, when the beloved Allan Moore, Curt Swan and George Perez united to wrap up what is known as the Silver Age of comics with arguably one of the most endearing Superman stories ever told.

Entitled, “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” the tale revisits the last known histories of the Man of Steel via an interview with one-time ‘Superman’s Girlfriend’ Lois Lane, in a retrospective of the life and times of the Last Son of Krypton, hoping to uncover his whereabouts and the mystery of his final farewell to the people of earth.

Much like this fabled icon, I needed to fade from view these past 17-18 months to re-collect myself from trials most daunting.

The last you knew, my activities involved an art studio located in the Old Town district of Lansing, MI…Vanishing Point Industries

…on the verge of hawking T-shirts and…well, that’s about it.

Honestly, T-shirts were not what we were there to sell…
…it was something far more elusive and ethereal than that…
…so much so that it eluded even us.

The entire venture began as a fluke, really, born from the naïve ideals shared with a dear friend who suddenly received a windfall, financially. We held a vision of developing our ideas into something that would serve to benefit mankind…but rushed ahead without the wisdom needed for long-term success and quickly found ourselves immersed in a mire of our own design. Ultimately, we involved the wrong people at the wrong time for the wrong reasons…

…or, at least that’s how it would appear from the colloquial point of view.

Personally, I’ve long-since accepted it all as a trial designed to strengthen and sharpen my wits…hewing the erstwhile Eric P. Wilmoth into a more formidable craftsman, able to capitulate ego in favor of compassion—and yet tenaciously concentrate on making my dreams into reality. I can only hope that the others involved took from it their own educations and are moving forward with their lives in a similar fashion…since most of us no longer communicate with one another—it was that traumatizing.

Eventually, amid the myriad conflicts of interest, the funding was lost and we all went our separate ways…resulting in an anti-climactic collapse that was—frankly—long overdue.

Revealing any more about that time would probably sour the experience…save to say that it is all behind me now, and whatever the future holds in store for A.I. and the multitude of stories I have to share, I’m certain I’m better off for the experience it all provided.

From here on in I pray to have nothing but positive and encouraging news to report, and—much like our friend Clark Kent—I will fight the good fight until I have nothing left to give…

Mr. E!…and even then, I shall return!

Peace, brothers and sisters,

Mr. E!

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